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Dr. Scott adjusting

Meet Dr. Scott Carlton

Fueling His Sports Performance With Chiropractic

Born and raised in Corona del Mar, Dr. Scott has always been an active person. Over the years, he has passionately engaged in extreme sports and endurance athletics. However, at age 26, a day of snowboarding left him in so much pain that he couldn’t snowboard again the next day. That was unacceptable to him. It was then that he was introduced to chiropractic and saw immediate results.

Not only did chiropractic manage Dr. Scott’s pain, but his sports performance excelled beyond what he thought was possible.

“Chiropractic rehabilitated my body, returned my strength, elevated my spirit and allowed my brain and nervous system to perform on a higher plane.”

Discovering a Passion for Pilates

Around the same time, Dr. Scott found and fell in love with the Pilates Method. It was profound in accelerating his healing and introduced him to his wife, Susan. At the time, she was suffering from a condition that caused serious interference with her daily activities. She was misdiagnosed and shuttled from one specialist to another, seeing dozens in southern California trying to find answers. Today, she is able to manage her condition with healthy habits including regular chiropractic.

Pursuing a Chiropractic Education

After Dr. Scott completed his undergraduate studies at Chapman University, he decided to pursue a chiropractic education. He enrolled at the  Southern California University of Health Sciences and earned a Doctor of Chiropractic. Additionally, he is certified in Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization or the Graston Technique.


Living Actively in Costa Mesa

Dr. Scott is still active today and is a fervent sports enthusiast. He loves to fish, surf, climb mountains, and snowboard. Together, he and Susan have a 3-year-old son. Dr. Scott loves sharing his love of high-octane sports with him. In particular, he is enjoying teaching his son how to snowboard and surf.

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