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JOOVV Light Therapy Irvine

Woman meditatingRed light and near-infrared light have the power to promote the healthy function of your body’s cells. When your cells function optimally, you can look younger, feel better and heal faster. With JOOVV’s technology, you can experience the advantages of light therapy that is safe, affordable and effective.

The many benefits of light therapy include

  • Aiding in muscle recovery
  • Enhancing athletic performance
  • Improving skin clarity, texture and tone
  • Diminishing fine lines, age spots and wrinkles
  • Fading stretch marks and scars
  • Reducing joint pain
  • Boosting cognitive function

How It Works

The JOOVV light increases your cells’ ability to create ATP or adenosine triphosphate. These molecules form and store energy, which is used for every function in the body. When your cells create ATP, you can feel and perform better. A red light or near-infrared light will stimulate your mitochondria and work against the oxidative stress that weakens you and slows you down.

Maintaining Your Best Health

Using red light or near-infrared light therapy consistently may improve your energy, help you lose weight, reduce fibromyalgia pain, increase your collagen production and balance your mood.

Schedule Your Visit Today

If you are interested in light therapy, contact Velocity Wellness Center today. We will discuss whether it’s right for you and get you set up for a consultation.

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