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LipoMelt Weight Loss Irvine

woman measuring waistLose unwanted pounds with LipoMelt, a safe and simple alternative to liposuction. This noninvasive solution can show you results after a single session. The unique light that is emitted from the LipoMelt will alter the permeability of your fat cell membranes. The fat content can then seep out and be processed by your body.

The Healing Effects of Light

According to studies, a low-level light has a natural, healing and healthy influence on your body. Further use has shown that a red light tends to stimulate the fibroblast cells of the body which form collagen and elastin.

Research shows that infrared light stimulates circulation which can result in a healing response. Diet and exercise are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. With the use of various light therapies added to your regimen, you can improve your well-being and appearance.

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