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New Patients

Velocity Wellness Center is different from any healthcare facility you’ve been to before. It feels like a spa, with a relaxing atmosphere and soft music playing in the background. We’ve created a peaceful environment that’s the perfect place to start your healing.

Preparing for Your Visit

You can fill out your intake forms before you arrive to save time. Please dress in comfortable clothes. If you have doctors’ reports or X-rays about your condition or injury, you can bring them in with you. The initial consultation will take about 60 minutes.

Your First Appointment

You’ll meet with Dr. Scott for a full wellness evaluation. We’ll perform an examination and may scan your feet to see if you require orthotic support. You’ll get answers to all your questions and receive a form of treatment such as a chiropractic adjustment, if appropriate. Dr. Scott will also discuss his examination findings with you.

Following Up

When you return, the time you spend with us will differ depending on the type of treatment you need. For example, if you have an adjustment and a therapy, it will take 20-30 minutes. If you have a diagnosis you’re trying to reverse, a full course of treatment will take more like 60-90 minutes.

Unlimited Plans Available

If you are a holistic patient and are visiting us multiple times a week, we can discuss an unlimited plan with you. Many of our patients travel from hours away to experience our unique form of health care and to be freed from a serious diagnosis. We want to make sure that what we offer is accessible to those who need our help.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment! Saturday hours are available.

New Patients | (949) 679-7676