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Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy Costa Mesa

Pulsed Electro Magnetic FieldPulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or PEMF, is a form of energy therapy. It is an exciting discovery in the field of alternative health care. With more than 60 years of research including peer-reviewed studies, PEMF has been found to be safe and highly effective.

Many people are unaware of its existence because you cannot profit from it like you can a medication. It remains unknown even to most medical professionals. With our experienced team, you can discover the seemingly miraculous benefits of PEMF, both neurologically and physiologically.

What to Expect

A device emits pulsating electromagnetic fields whose vibrations are tuned into specific frequencies. These frequencies will assist in the fine-tuning of your cells’ mitochondria. When your mitochondria operate more efficiently, you will have enhanced cell energy, lower oxidative stress levels and more effective detoxification. In turn, this results in a faster recovery and complete healing.

The many benefits of PEMF include the following:

  • Better sleep. Get the rest you need to get through your days with energy.
  • Enhanced flexibility. Ideal for lumbar issues, arthritis and areas of frequent, long-lasting muscle spasms, such as with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Improved motor coordination. Motor coordination declines in those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease or people of advanced age. Also used in professional or amateur sports to gain an edge.
  • Improved strength and stamina. You don’t need to be a professional athlete or fitness expert to use this advantage. It is effective for those who want to climb mountains or just walk up a flight of stairs.
  • Faster trauma recovery. More so than any other tool in the world, PEMF can get you back on your feet and working again quicker than you might imagine.
  • Mood elevation. Simple depression, PTSD and other neurological disorders can be positively affected by PEMF.

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