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The RESTART® Program/Nutrition Costa Mesa

restart logoIf you are looking for a simple and powerful way to boost energy, reduce inflammation and rid yourself of cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, the RESTART program is a simple and powerful solution.

This program gives your body a much-needed vacation from processed foods and sugar. It involves nutritional education, built-in sugar detoxification and includes a support group, which creates an empowering combination.

What to Expect

  • Week 1. Learn how to prepare yourself emotionally, mentally and physically for your sugar detox.
  • Week 2. Find out how healthy digestion works and how to optimize yours to get the most out of your diet.
  • Week 3. Learn about your body’s response to refined carbohydrates and excess sugar and how to get off the rollercoaster of sugar.
  • Week 4. Discover the truth about fats and why you need healthy fats in your diet. You will learn which ones you can enjoy and which to avoid.
  • Week 5. You are done and can move forward with your new knowledge and success. You can integrate the tips and skills you’ve learned during your program into your everyday life.

Get Started Today

If you would like to learn more about this unique program, contact the team at Velocity Wellness Center today.

The RESTART® Program/Nutrition Costa Mesa | (949) 679-7676